The Three Day Bag ~

Yep, it took me three days to make my messenger bag,

and it all started with a visit to an outdoor sporting goods shop where I saw this bag.


As you can see, my version doesn’t have as many bells & whistles, but its worth

not paying the eighty-some dollars that they asked for…


…I think.


The first step to making one of these is:

Make sure you have a sewing machine that’s capable of the job.


Ouch. I think I skipped the first step.


Ahh, this makes me feel better.

(One of the sewing machines was working pretty well at that point.)

It’s less of a workout now to give someone a piece of gum.


Well, I hope this has inspired you, if it wasn’t the three-day-bag, then i’m sure

the ©KEEN Oswego Bag convinced you to make your own.



3 thoughts on “The Three Day Bag ~

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! i looked up the recipe you talked about and it looks so good. what made you suggest that recipe?
    by the way, i love your bag. i sew bags quite a bit but never a messenger bag!

  2. Love this bag! It’s so cute! I think its ten times cuter then the other keen bag you were looking at. I agree sothislynm when do I recieve mine? LOL


    P.S. I clicked on one of your comments at simplyvintaegirl. Your photos look very nice!

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